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The University of Arizona

Anatomical Models at the PBC Library

Models are available to students for in-library use only.

Anatomical Models Policy

 Anatomical Models Policy  

The Arizona Health Sciences Library at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus maintains a collection of anatomical models for use by students and faculty of programs offered at the campus. To ensure that these valuable and delicate models are maintained in optimal condition and shared equitably among all user populations, the following guidelines are necessary.


All library users may use models within the library space. Users of the models should inform library front desk staff if they wish to remove models from the shelves where they are displayed. Library staff will note the user’s name and the barcodes of the models involved. Users should return the models before the library front desk closes at 8:00 PM and take care to return the models intact with no missing parts. Users should allow themselves ample time to reassemble models before returning them to library staff.


Only faculty may sign out models for use elsewhere in the Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB) or the Phoenix Biomedical Campus (PBC). Faculty interested in using models outside the library should contact the library front desk at least twenty-four hours before the models are needed to allow for the following to occur:


  • The faculty member will select the needed anatomical models and notify library staff.
  • The faculty member will provide name, university affiliation/course/program, contact number or email.
  • Library staff will remove the models from public display or storage and place on a cart if necessary.
  • Library staff will list the required model information in advance on the Library checkout sheet.



Following these steps will ensure the models are ready for faculty use at the time of instructional need. Faculty may designate a student to pick up models on their behalf; however, the student should be identified in advance, preferably via email at the time of initial request.


Models removed from the library for instructional needs should be returned to the library front desk by 8:00 PM the same day unless special permission is obtained from the library director or a PBC librarian. This will allow adequate time to check-in and reshelve or store the models. Faculty members who wish to sign out models for off-campus use should make direct contact with one of the PBC librarians for approval. Models are not available on holidays or before 8am on weekdays. Models are only available during staffed hours.


Naomi Bishop, UA Health Sciences Librarian PBC  Catherine Lockmiller, NAU Health Sciences Librarian PBC