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The University of Arizona

Anatomical Models at the PBC Library

Models are available to students for in-library use only.

Click on the model links within the tabs below for photos and details.

Human Vertebral Column/Spine w/Femur Heads # 39001501492899
Painted Classic Flexible Spine w/Femur Head # 39001501487113
Spinal Cord with Nerve Endings # 39001501494358
     Spinal Cord with Nerve Endings # 39001501494325
     Spinal Cord with Nerve Endings # 39001501494333
Hand, Foot, Spine, Vertebrae # 39001501522026
Nerve Synapse # 39001501486578
Nerve w/diagram on wood plaque # 39001501522125
Motor Neuron # 39001501486461