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The University of Arizona

Anatomical Models at the PBC Library

Models are available to students for in-library use only. Due to COVID-19 Anatomical Models are unavailable for checkout at this time.

Click on the model links within the tabs below for photos and details.

Heart Conditions # 39001501451168
Heart model 5-part on base # 39001501495512
     Heart model 5-part on base # 39001501494598
     Heart model 5-part on base # 39001501494606
Heart Model enlarged about 2x # 39001501495496
     Heart Model enlarged about 2x # 39001501495488
Functional Larynx, 2.5x full size # 39001501495272
     Functional Larynx, 2.5x full-size # 39001501495264
Larynx,2x full-size # 39001501495256
     Larynx,2x full-size # 39001501495249