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TLS 480/481/482 - Children's Literature in the Classroom

Finding children's literature: Selecting a book & favorite author to share

The library has a rich collection of children's literature. You can find both fiction and non-fiction titles by browsing the Children's Literature Collection on the third floor of the Main Library or by visiting the Worlds of Words collection in the Education Building.

These two exercises show you how to locate children's literature in the Main Library and in the Worlds of Words.

Resources for author & illustrator profiles

Something About the Author is an excellent database to use to locate information for your author profile assignment. The exercise will help guide you through the process of searching for information on your selected author.

Resources for the text set project

There are several resources that you can use for your text set. You will explore a few of them here.

Finding Copyright Information for Children's Books

Resources for the inquiry project

APA citation guides