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Student Guide to ChatGPT

Beyond ChatGPT: other useful language models

These are several other useful large language models (LLMs) that you may want to try.

Large Language Models (LLMs)

ChatGPT logo ChatGPT Open AI
Free, built on GPT-3.5
Not connected to the Internet. Trained on data only through January 2022.
ChatGPT Plus logo ChatGPT Plus

Open AI
$20/mo, built on GPT-4

  • plugins,
  • Advanced Data Analysis" (formerly Code Interpreter)
  • a "browse with Bing" feature that allows it to search for information on websites
  • GPT4-Vision (for uploading images and discussing them)
  • Image generation with DALL-E 3.

(as of Nov. 6, 2023: all these features combined into "all tools.")

A new feature for building chatbots without using code. These are called "GPTs."
(available to Plus users only)

Enterprise edition for large businesses. 

Bing chat logo Bing Chat Microsoft
Free, built on GPT-4
Generate images with DALL-E 3.

Connected to the Internet with Bing search.
Google Bard logo Bard Google
Free, built on Gemini Pro (as of Dec. 6, 2023)
Connected to the Internet.
Claude logo Claude 2 Anthropic
Free. Also available in Slack.
Built on their own model.

Focused on reliability and safety.
Not connected to the Internet (yet).
Perplexity AI Perplexity
Free, built on GPT-3.5.
Connected to the Internet.

You can use it without creating an account.
Pro account also available that uses GPT4 or Claude2.

Which models are the most capable and have an Internet connection?

  • Bing Chat (in creative mode) is based on GPT-4. And it's free to use.
  • ChatGPT Plus (with a monthly fee) is also based on GPT-4.
  • Perplexity AI is also free and you can use it without an account. If you create a pro account, you can get access to the more capable model (GPT-4).

Other models

  • Claude is also quite good, but not yet connect to the Internet. (This could change).
  • Google's Bard seems to be not quite as capable currently. (This could change).

For a list of more AI tools, see AI Tools Landscape by Carlos Lizarraga-Celaya.