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Scopus Training Module 2: Author Identity

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, you will learn how to identify authors active in a topical area using the Refine results feature.

Tutorial: How to search for authors by topical area

In this video tutorial, we follow a graduate student who plans to begin researching respiratory toxicity and volcanic ash. You will learn how to identify authors who have already published on this topic.


Note: For the best viewing experience, select the double arrows at the bottom right of the player to view the video at full screen. You can also download a written transcript (Links to an external site.) of the video tutorial.

Practice exercise: Search for an author in a topical area

You are working with Jane, a first-year graduate student who is conducting research on atopic eczema. She wants to identify the most prolific authors on this topic. In this exercise, you show Jane  how to perform a basic search in Scopus, and how to find the most prolific author using the Refine results feature.

  1. Run an exact phrase search for atopic eczema. (TIP: In Scopus, curly brackets are used for exact phrases.)
  2. Scroll down to Author name in the Refine results area to the left of the screen.
  3. Identify the author with the highest number of documents.
  4. Select the right arrow to review a list of those documents.
  5. Within the pop-up window, select the author's name in the top left to view their Author details page.

Note: Refer to the answer key (Links to an external site.) for this assignment to check your results.

Search for authors in a topical area: Conclusion and help file links

TIP: The following Scopus help files contain additional information on the topics we have covered.