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National History Day 2019

National History Day Research @ UA Libraries



Make the most of your visit to the UA Library:

  • Your research topic should first of all be interesting to you – you'll be spending a lot of time and work on your History Day project so be sure to choose a topic that you are eager to learn more about.
  • Use the resources at your school and local public library – these are great places to begin your research.
  • Talk to your school librarian. School librarians can recommend books, help you develop a research plan and come up with a list of possible search terms you can use to find sources.
  • Do some preliminary reading on the topic so you have a good grasp of the historical context and major issues related to your topic.
  • Think about:
    • Key people and organizations related to your topic
    • Your topic's date range or dates of specific events
    • The geographic locale of your topic