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New Library Faculty Guide

Add a bio to your profile

Your staff directory profile has a section to include a bio to describe your work at the library.

 Here's how to update your bio:

1.       Go the staff directory.

2.       Find your profile.

3.       Click on your name to access your profile.

4.       Sign in to the library website with your NetID and password by going to the "Staff sign in" link in the bottom right footer of the page. [This link can be hard to find – it’s below the land acknowledgement and footers in the very lower right corner].

5.       Select the Edit profile tab.

6.       Write your bio. (see below for some ideas)

7.       Select Save.

Not sure what to write? Aim for 3-5 sentences and write in the first person. Try using these prompts:

    I help the library ____________
    I'm involved in ____________ cross-functional work
    Contact me about ___________ (but remember the public sees this so make sure it relates to your role in the library)
    I serve as the liaison for ______ departments (useful for liaisons)
    My research interests include ________ (useful for faculty)

More info on the staff directory.

The library’s photographer, Aengus Anderson, takes the profile photos. Monthly sessions are usually advertised in the Midweek Memo email.