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New Library Faculty Guide

Sharing Outlook Calendar

Visit campus ServiceNow’s Outlook calendar support site for more information.

Note #1: making shared permission changes to your Outlook calendar from either web or desktop Outlook will automatically send a “I’ve changed permissions on a shared calendar” to all library staff and your department.

Note #2: If you already see that your department or colleagues already have the correct permissions, then there is no need to make changes.

Please choose whether you want to follow steps on your desktop Outlook app or a browser Web Outlook.

Share Calendar in

1.    First, sign in with your NetID+.
2.    At the Left side of the Outlook page, select   to go to Calendar.
3.    On the Outlook toolbar, select Share, and choose Calendar.
4.    Type the complete name or email address of the group (or person) you want to share your calendar with. 

  • DO NOT choose 
  • Instead, type your department’s email group. E.g.

5.    Choose how you want the group/person to use your calendar:

  • Can view when I'm busy lets them see when you're busy but doesn't include details like the event location. This is the default setting.
  • Can view titles and locations lets them see when you're busy, as well as the title and location of events.
  • Can view all details lets them see all the details of your events.
  • Can edit lets them edit your calendar.
  • Delegate lets them edit your calendar and share it with others.

6.    Select Share. If you decide not to share your calendar right now, select  .
7.    The group or person will get an email notification that you just share a calendar with them.

Calendar Permissions on Outlook 365 Desktop Clietn

This task is best done on-site with faster network connection.

  1. Click the Calendar view Calendar (at bottom or Left side of Outlook).
  2. Select the shared calendar you want to share.
  3. Click Folder tab on the top ribbon > Share Calendar > Permissions.
  4. Add the group (All Distribution List) or user (Library) that needs to “Can view titles and locations” or “Can view all details”.
  5. Click Apply and click OK.
  6. The group or person will get an email notification that you just share a calendar with them.