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Library Spaces

There are a range of library spaces available for booking - some through LibCal and some through Outlook.  This guide is focused primarily on the Learning Studios (5 rooms in Main, 1 in WSEL) dedicated to instructional work.  However, we are also including a brief reference for all library spaces here.  (For detailed information on booking all  library space please go to

Learning studio booking instructions

There are two options for booking one of our six Learning Studios for events, course based instruction and more.

Option 1: Learning studio booking in a calendar event

Please note:  this option is for scheduling open sessions, workshops and events to be be publicized and promoted on the Libraries' website and in the main Events & Workshop Calendar.   Only staff trained to manage these should use this method. 

Also note -  when booking spaces via the Events calendar - open hours are by default set to Main Public Access Hours.  If you are booking in a location other than Main - please confirm this space will be open during the desired time.  If you attempt to book outside open hours, you will receive an onscreen alert to inform you that the event you are trying to add falls outside of the library's opening hours (image for reference).  You will still be able to create an event outside of those hours so please double check

  1. In the "Event" creation form, scroll down to the section marked "Event Location"
  2. In the field - type in the room number (ex. B252) or "learning studios" 
  3. Please make sure to use the rooms under the category "CATalyst Studios at Main Library - Learning Studios"  (all Learning Studio are listed here, regardless of building location)
  4. Select the room needed and hit "check availability" 
  5. The system will indicate whether the room is available for the desired date/time
  6. If available - the room will be booked when the event is created when you hit "Submit: Add a new event"


Option 2:  Learning studio booking without an event

  1. Go to to check availability
  2. Select the date and time needed (note:  each reservation will automatically include an additional 15 minutes before and after your chosen time)
  3. Sessions are added in 1 hour blocks of time - you can adjust the end in the dropdown menu before proceeding (see screenshot below)
  4. You can reserve multiple rooms for multiple days all at one time.  You will prompted for needed booking information for each
  5. You will be prompted to login to your NetID account (if not already logged in).  Access is restricted to Library employees only
  6. Review your request, confirm and select "continue"
  7. Fill out the booking form. (note:  if you are booking more than one room for different dates - the booking forms will be combined into one)  
    •  If you need more than standard # of laptops - request more
    • If you are booking B252 and B254 together - book both spaces and indicate this on the booking form
  8. Click on "complete reservation"
  9. Please remember to bring your CAT card on the day of your class or event to open the room.

This process will hold the room for you.  You will receive an initial email acknowledging your hold and a confirmation email from the room managers with 48 business hours.

Screenshot:  Adjustiing the end time before submitting request

Learning Studio Policy

When on the learning studio calendar page - click on the "INFO" button to the left of each room to learn more about its capacity and available technology.  Library sponsored programs take precedence over solely outside (campus or community) use.   Please note: using the booking form puts a temporary hold on the space. You will receive a confirmation within 48 business hours.

Library employees using the room are responsible for setup, take down and cleanup.

  1. Bring your CAT Card to open the room
  2. Reservations automatically include 15 minutes of padding time before and after your session for setup and cleanup
  3. Pull needed laptops from the COW (cart on wheels) for instructional use and return all devices back to the cart at the completion of instruction
  4. Return any tables and chairs moved during instruction/use to their original location
  5. Take a "leave no trace" approach to room use and ensure all attendees clean up any trash, take their belongings etc.