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Systematic Review & Evidence Synthesis Information Guide (UAHSL-Tucson)

Information on Tools for Evidence Syntheses

Van der Mierden, S., Tsaioun, K., Bleich, A., and Leenaars, C. H. C. (2019). Software tools for literature screening in systematic reviews in biomedical researchALTEX: Alternatives to Animal Experimentation36(3), 508. 

SR Toolbox - Catalog of tools to support the various stages/tasks in systematic reviews or other evidence syntheses

Library Licensed Tools

The libraries license EndNote V20 (XX) to the UA campus. For more information on EndNote including other free option reference managers, please see this guide.

The UA Health Sciences Library- Tucson has a license for DistillerSR for affiliates of the UA Health Sciences - Tucson Colleges

Other Select Tools for Evidence Syntheses

* Note this is not a comprehensive list.  The article listed above by Van der Mierden, compares some of these tools.  Also, you can look up tools using the SR Toolbox catalog listed above.