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ENGL 102/108: Modify your search

Modify your search

Activity: Modifying Your Search

Your research question is: How can students get involved in fighting for social justice issues?

You've identified some basic keywords:
social justice, students, education

Go to Academic Search Ultimate and search for those keywords.

You'll notice that most of your results are broad and cover a wide range of geographical locations, student groups and other topics.

This is where you focus your search.

Let's say you want to focus more on college students who want to fight for rights for Dreamers, or students who came to the United State who were very young, have no citizenship, but have lived in the country their entire life. How might college students organize on their behalf?

Now your keywords could be: college students, organizing, Dreamers, DACA, and immigration.

Try your search again with those different words.

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