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Even though there is still much uncertainty about the fall semester on campus, rest assured that the library, its staff and resources are still available to you. 

There are many resources that the UAL makes available virtually to support students.

These include:

#1 Connect from off campus

Configure Google Scholar:

Open the "hamburger" menu in the far upper left next to the Google Scholar logo and select "Settings.

From the settings menu, select "Library links".

Type "University of Arizona" in box and select "University of Arizona - Full-Text @ UofA Libraries". Then click Save

When searching, articles for which we have full text access will display with a link "Full-Text @ UofA Libraries"; select this link to access it. (Please note that this link may be hidden in the smaller links below the citation, and you may need to click on the double arrow to the right of them to find it.)

Conect to UITS's Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is free for UA students and instructors to download. The VPN client provides a secure connection between your home computer, laptop, or mobile device and the UA network. To use the VPN client, you'll need to sign up for UA NetID+ Two-Factor Authentication, which provides another layer of security.

#2 Connect with library help

  • Ask Us: Get research assistance from the UA Libraries' staff via email, phone, or in person at the library Help Desks. There's also a searchable list of frequently asked questions. Look for the Ask Us button in the upper right of this page.
  • Chat: Look for the Chat button in the upper right of this page. The library's chat service is available whenever the library is open.
  • UITS also offers 24/7 tech support.

#3 Bookmark Library services

#4 Recommended Research Tools

For graduate level Communication research, there are a lot of different places you can find articles, books and more, but here are the ones that students in the program often use successfully for finding resources:

  • Google Scholar. Find peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, pre-prints, abstracts, and technical reports.
  • Library Search. Our main search tool on our home page. Search through most of the resources the library has available in physical and electronic form. 
  • Communication & Mass Media Complete. Find articles, books, and conference proceedings in communication, journalism, media, film and television, and more. Communication & Mass Media Collection also has articles in the field. 
  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. Dissertations are often an excellent source of the most current research on a topic. Note: Not all the dissertations are available in full text. 
  • Scopus. Find peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings across all disciplines.


#5 Learn how to locate materials available through UAL

#4 Follow these directions to locate items by title

         Use Library Search to locate books and articles:

  • Log-in 
  • Type or copy and paste the title of the book or article into the search box. Most of the time, you will be able to locate your item this way
  • When you arrive at the results page, you can filter by Type of Material (books, articles, government documents, etc...), date, subject, whether the resource is peer-reviewed, etc...
  • You can request physical material the library owns be reserved for you at a specific library on campus
  • If you cannot find your item, you can request it through ILL