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Citation Management Tools

About Mendeley

Mendeley Reference Manager a web-based citation manager that helps you simplify the tasks of building and organizing your reference library, making notes and annotations across papers, collaborating with others and inserting citations and bibliographies into the papers you’re writing.  Please note that the Mendeley Cite plug in for Microsoft Word is not compatible with Office 365.

With the Mendeley Reference Manager you can:

  • Create and manage a personal database of citations. Import and organize PDFs
  • Insert in-text citations and instantly generate bibliographies
  • Share citations and full-text, annotated articles with other Mendeley users
  • Share citations and select articles by joining and/or creating groups

The UA Microsoft campus site license does not allow Office 365 add-ins for student accounts, such as Mendeley Cite.

The work-around is to register at Mendeley with a UA email address and download/install Mendeley Reference Manager. Instructions are available at ServiceNow KB0010882.

Getting Started with Mendeley

Mendeley is available as a web app:

New to Mendeley? The Getting Started with Mendeley Reference Manager guide covers all the basics, from creating your first reference library, to editing and sharing citations, creating bibliographies, and more. 

By creating your Mendeley account through the University of Arizona Libraries' Elsevier connection, you will receive the benefit of our institutional access - which includes 100 GB personal library space with 100 collaborators and 100 GB group library space with a total of 1000 groups possible.  (If you leave UA, this will revert to the free version of Mendeley and you will receive 2GB of online storage space for PDFs and document attachments and one private group with up to three members. See Mendeley’s Web site for pricing information on premium access.)

See also a full list of Mendeley Guides.

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