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SIE Graduate Seminar

Engineering Librarian & CAPLA Liaison

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Paula C Johnson
Main Library A403

Articles on SRs in Engineering

Included here is a protocol for performing software engineering systematic reviews that give a procedure outline that could apply to other engineering disciplines. Following that are some sample engineering-related systematic reviews (which don't necessarily show the rigor of the protocol).

Systematic Review Process


 Systematic Reviews (SRs) were developed in the health care field, arising from the move to advance patient care with Evidence Based Medicine. The utility of SRs in distilling the results of hundreds of research studies in order to establish best practices is now recognized in fields outside of medicine. Software engineering was one of the first engineering disciplines to take up the methodology and remains the leader so far as engineering goes.

At this time the librarians at Health Sciences Library who are trained in doing SRs are booked well into the future and do not have capacity to take on new jobs. They have created a College of Medicine SR Information Guide, which offers more detailed assistance for doing Systematic and Scoping Reviews.