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Paula C Johnson
Main Library A403

Research Help


There are several ways to get help from a librarian or Library staff member. I am your dedicated librarian and ways to contact me are in the box to the left, under my photo. In addition, we have these ways to get assistance:

Or search our frequently asked questions.


Conducting a literature review is a part of developing your proposal. Library resources will be helpful with this aspect of your proposal. Ask us if you have questions about refining your topic, search methods, writing tips, or citation management.The Writing Center will help you with the actual writing. You can see the Writing Center's drop-in schedule online.


How do you avoid accidental plagiarism? Or how do you establish the credibility of your research? By using citations. Unless directed otherwise, APA style if most common in STEM. (MLA for Music). We have an online tutorial on "Building APA Citations" for a quick view of this citation style. For information on the MLA (Modern Language Association) citation style, look at the Purdue University OWL MLA Guide.

If you will be using a lot of literature, formatting the citations for your References (sometime called Bibliography) by hand can be tedious. There are freely available software tools that can automate the process - with the advantage of offering you a large number of citation formats. The two I'd recommend the most would be Mendeley and Zotero. I am available to help you with either of these (I can also help with some of the other citation management systems, if you don't care for these two - just ask). There are also a lot of online tutorials on how to use Mendeley and Zotero.