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GER/HIST 278 - Medieval Answers to Modern Questions

Citing Your Sources

Examples of how to cite secondary sources:

Journal Articles:

Trumpener, Katie. "Memories Carved in Granite: Great War Memorials and Everyday Life."  PMLA 115 (2000): 1096-103.

Hanks, Patrick.  "Do Word Meanings Exist?"  Computers and the Humanities 34 (2000): 205-15.


Kurlansky, Mark. Salt. A World (New York: Scribner's, 2001).


Book Chapter in an Online Book:

"Selected Seventeenth-Century Events," Romantic Chronology.  Ed. Laura Mandell and Alan Liu. 1999. U of California, Santa Barbara.  12 November 2003 <>. (last accessed on Month, date, year)