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GER/HIST 278 - Medieval Answers to Modern Questions

Tips for Locating Images

If you know a specific name of a person, place, or object, enter that into the search box. If you are using a phrase, use quotations around the phrase:


  • "Marie de France"

Use keywords such as medieval or middle-ages and combine that with paintings or architecture or buildings.

  • medieval and paintings
  • medieval and (architecture or buildings)

Image Databases

Locate Illustrations in Books

Use library search to find books that will have images of medieval culture and customs. You can determine if a book has illustrations by looking at the record for the description area:
Description: x, 168 p. : ill., maps ;

Scanning Images:  Once you find a book with medieval illustrations you can scan the images using the scanners located in either the Information Commons area of the Main or Science-Engineering Library. 

Location of Art Books:  Many art history books of the Middle Ages will be located in the Science-Engineering Library, where the art and architecture books are shelved due to lack of room in the Main Library.

View/write down the call numbers of the following books. You can browse this call number range on the 5th floor of the Science Library.