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Managing NIH Public Access Compliance: Quick Checklist

This guide explains the NIH Public Access Policy, the process for submitting peer-reviewed articles to PubMed Central and how to use NIH tools to manage and verify compliance.

Use this checklist

This is a quick review of the steps for compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. Use the other tabs in this Guide to find more detailed information. Print out the 1-page PDF and check tasks off as you go.

Our thanks to the University of Washington Health Sciences Library for developing the original checklist from which this was adapted. 

Step 1: Prepare the manuscript

  • Review the journal's Instructions to Authors for any specific information or instructions related to the NIH Public Access Policy.
  • Designate someone (PI, author, staff member) to ensure that the manuscript moves along in the process to deposit in PubMed Central.  Ultimately, the PI is responsible.
  • If you are an author but not the PI, notify PI that you are working on a manuscript so s/he can plan to follow its progress.  
  • Register for a My NCBI account and link it to your eRA Commons account.

Step 2: Establish agreement with publisher

Step 3: Submit & monitor manuscript

Step 4: Use PMCID number

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