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The University of Arizona

Scholarly Project Resources

This guide will provide information for medical students who are working on their scholarly project.

Submitting Your Scholarly Project

Why Submit Your Work to the UA Repository?

There are many benefits to submitting your work to the University of Arizona Repository. When you are ready to submit your work, you may choose to release or embargo your project. The information below can help you decide.  




Submitting your scholarly project to the UA repository helps to increase your visibility as a researcher and your scholarly profile. Your work is available worldwide through online searches which can connect you with researchers worldwide. 




Citations and Copyright

Your work can be immediately used and cited. The citation of your project can be used as evidence of your scholarly significance in employment reviews.  Submitting your work to the repository can add protection against plagiarism because others will discover the prior publication. 





Open Access

When you submit your scholarly project, your work is available immediately in Open Access. This allows researchers from around the world to access your work, and contributes to global knowledge. 


Reasons to not include your Scholarly Project in the UA Repository

In some instances, you may choose to embargo your project. The following are some reasons why you might choose to not release your project:

  • Commercial applications/ramifications
  • Contains sensitive data
  • Contains work that is still in copyright
  • Based on research data that will support other publications from your research teams.
  • In rare situations, publishers have declined a contract to publish work that has been deposited in an institutional repository. 

University of Arizona Scholarly Projects

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