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Scopus Training Module 4: Institutional Insights

Lesson overview

In this lesson, you will learn more about the range of information available on an Affiliation details page in Scopus.

Tutorial: View an institution's research output

In this video tutorial, you are interested in determining the research output of University of Toronto.

Note: For the best viewing experience, select the double arrows at the bottom right of the player to view the video at full screen. You can also download a written transcript (Links to an external site.) of the video tutorial.

Using the affiliation search in Scopus, run a search for an affiliation of your choice and select the name to open its Affiliation details page.

  • To the right of the page, you can view the number of documents for the whole institution and for the affiliation only. Clicking on the number beneath Authors allows you to view all authors linked to this affiliation.
  • Select the Documents by subject area tab to view all documents associated with the affiliation by subject area. Try removing a particular subject area from the pie chart and see what happens to those remaining.
  • Select the Collaborating affiliations tab to see which other institutions your chosen affiliation has collaborated with.
  • Select the Documents by source tab to see where the affiliated authors have published their work.
  • At the top of the page, select Follow this affiliation and set up an alert or RSS feed so that you are notified when new publications linked to this institution become available in Scopus.

Explore affiliation profiles summary

Explore affiliation profiles on Scopus: Conclusion and help file links

You have now completed lesson two. When you are ready, please move on to the next lesson.

TIP: The following Scopus help files contain additional information on the topics we have covered.