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The University of Arizona

COM-P Scholarly Projects Student Publications: Class of 2017

Student Publications from UA College of Medicine Phoenix


Student Name Title Date
Bedard, Julia Periosteal Ewing Sarcoma in a 65-Year-Old Man: A Case Report 2017
Bosch, Liam The Effect of Two Attending Surgeons on Patients With Large-Curve Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Undergoing Posterior Spinal Fusion 2017
Bosch, Liam Perioperative management of patients with cerebral palsy undergoing scoliosis surgery: Survey of surgeon practices 2019
Brown, Jaycen Arthroscopic Iliopsoas Release at the Level of the Lesser Trochanter Following Total Hip Arthroplasty 2017
Budolfson, Katherine Neuropsychological Correlates of the Alzheimer's Questionnaire 2015
Gordon, Joshua Predicting patient response to cancer immunotherapy using quantitative computed tomography based texture analysis. 2017
Goulder, Alison Features of the cervicovaginal microenvironment drive cancer biomarker signatures in patients across cervical carcinogenesis 2019
Kishi, Patrick Leather Contains Cobalt and Poses a Risk of Allergic Contact Dermatitis: Cobalt Indicator Solution and X-ray Florescence Spectrometry as Screening Tests 2016
McCurry, Dustin Surrogate in vitro activation of innate immunity synergizes with interleukin-7 to unleash rapid antigen-driven outgrowth of CD4+ and CD8+ human peripheral blood T-cells naturally recognizing MUC1, HER2/neu and other tumor-associated antigens 2017
McCurry, Dustin Myeloid-derived suppressor cells adhere to physiologic STAT3- vs STAT5-dependent hematopoietic programming, establishing diverse tumor-mediated mechanisms of immunologic escape 2012
Rosser (GH), Casey Patient costs and outcomes before and after the institution of a pre-eclampsia quality improvement initiative in a southwestern tertiary facility 2019
Simmons, Michael A Deep Phenotype Association Study Reveals Specific Phenotype Associations with Genetic Variants in Age-related Macular Degeneration: Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2) Report No. 14 2018
Spiro, Joshua Perineural versus intravenous dexamethasone as adjuncts to local anaesthetic brachial plexus block for shoulder surgery 2016
Starobinska, Ella Multicentric reticulohistiocytosis associated with thymic carcinoma 2017
Willows, Brooke Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: Does the Arizona CSPMP Provide More Information than Routinely Collected in an Inpatient Psychiatric Facility?  2019
Yee, Nicole Resolvins AT-D1 and E1 differentially impact functional outcome, post-traumatic sleep, and microglial activation following diffuse brain injury in the mouse 2015
Zoph, Olivia Incidence of electronic cigarette exposures in children skyrockets in Arizona 2015
Zoph, Olivia State Regulation of Community Paramedicine Programs: A National Analysis 2018
Zurcher, Kenneth Reversible atrial fibrillation following Crotalinae envenomation 2017