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COM-P Scholarly Projects Student Publications: Introduction

Student Publications from UA College of Medicine Phoenix


Students at the College of Medicine – Phoenix design and successfully complete a hypothesis-driven research Scholarly Project (SP). Students work closely with mentors and the Scholarly Project office throughout the four years of their project. Through this process students learn about medical information literacy, life-long learning, teamwork, effective communication, research methods, evidence-based medicine approaches and ethics related to scholarly inquiry.

Timeline for Completion

  • Year 1: Students pair with a faculty mentor with similar interests and goals. The student and mentor submit a project prospectus. Once institutional review board compliance is fulfilled the student begins the research project.
  • Year 2: The student and mentor meet regularly to carry out the research project. The student provides an oral presentation of their progress to a panel of faculty. 
  • Year 3 (the clerkship year): The student and mentor continue to meet regularly, however, the student's time to work on the project may be limited due to clerkship activities.
  • Year 4: The student submits a final poster and thesis summarizing their SP. Each student presents the poster at the annual Student Research Symposium, where selected students also provide oral slide presentations. All theses are published in bound hard copies and posted online for public access.

Student Publications

This guide links to student publications published from 2016-2023 by graduating class. This list is updated yearly and self-reported data from the Office of Scholarly Projects at the University of Arizona College of Medicine- Phoenix.