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Peer Information Counseling Program: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I schedule a one-on-one meeting?

A: Shoot us an email (picstudent@arizona.edu) asking for a one-on-one meeting or come to any of the cultural/resource centers we will be going to for

study tables. Check out our calendar to see where we are that week!


2. What is the difference between the PIC program and ThinkTank? 


A: The Peer Information Counselor's Program is used to provide students help in finding information on research-related topics, whether that is finalizing a research question, looking for a certain research database or finding a specific journal article. PIC students provide you with the resources necessary to continue your research. On the other hand, while we provide the resources for research, ThinkTank provides free drop-in tutoring services for topics like Math, Writing, Science, Business and different languages. If you have a question and you're not sure whether we can help you, just ask. If we can't, we will find someone who can. 


3. Where are the PIC students located?


A: Check out our calendar to see where we are at today. 


4. What is the PIC program? 


A: The Peer Information Counseling (PIC) Program is a library initiative that supports the University’s retention efforts specifically for students from historically underrepresented groups. The PIC students provide mentoring, research assistance and guidance through the library resources for anyone who needs it.


5. Can I become a PIC student?


A: Yes! PIC students are typically hired prior to the fall semester, depending on whether current PIC students are graduating.

Contact breese@arizona.edu for more information.