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Peer Information Counseling Program: About Us

Mission Statement

As students coming from marginalized communities, Peer Information Counselors can understand the unique barriers faced by students of different backgrounds. Our counselors are dedicated to supporting marginalized students in achieving their academic goals and building their confidence in accessing library resources. Everyone should get to know the library and how much we can do for you during as your college experience. Bear down!

Meet the PIC students (and Coordinator)


Alegria Chimel, PIC Student

Hello, my name is Alegria, and I am a senior at the University of Arizona. I am majoring in Criminal Justice and Spanish emphasis in translation and interpreting. I grew up in San Francisco. I love the weather and miss it very much, but I love the peace that Tucson has. I am excited about the PIC program because we get to know the student body a little better. We get to help students to become better researchers and show them all that the library has to offer. 

Shelby Young, PIC Student

Hi everyone! My name is Shelby and I am a senior at the University of Arizona with a major in Microbiology and a minor in Africana Studies. I was born in Washington DC but grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia. I love the east coast for everything except its weather! I like tons of outdoor activities, watching movies, and baking for my friends. Lastly, I love to support communities of marginalized students, which is exactly why I am super excited for the re-launching of the PIC program. I have been an active member of the Black Student Union and was the Co-Executive Director for the Coalition of Black Organizations where I oversaw the 14 African American/Black student-led organizations on the UA campus. I have spent a long time supporting African American students, and I am excited to connect with all of the cultural and resource centers on campus to help in anyway I can and uplift the voices of their community members.

Jeremiah Paschke-Wood, PIC Coordinator

Hi everyone. I am the Undergraduate Engagement and Assessment Librarian at University of Arizona Libraries and the coordinator of the Peer Information Counselor program. Coming from a multicultural family, I feel very strongly about the need for every student to have an opportunity to succeed at the University of Arizona, regardless of their background. For fun, I like to read, write, watch movies, listen to and play music, hike and yell at my children.

Contact me at:

For more information, email or call 520-621-7236

About the PIC program


The Peer Information Counselor program at the UA is designed to provide students at the cultural centers and across campus with the opportunity to receive peer mentoring and research help. Our goal is to help students overcome any feelings of discomfort or intimidation in using the library space or resources. We are a newly relaunched program working diligently to make the library an inviting space for all. Come find us in the library, at certain events and working to provide study hours for anyone who needs it!