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HUMS150B1 - Mind-Altering Substances in the Ancient World

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These resources will help you locate information related to how ancient cultures have been shaped by mind-altering substances, and, in turn, how mind-altering substances helped shaped world cultures.

What you need to find

For the Signature Assignment, you will:

  • Choose a mind-altering substance
  • Identify two different cultures where that substance was used
  • Create a National Geographic-style or History Channel-style documentary about the use of that substance in your selected cultures.

For each culture, you'll need to find:

  • At least one modern secondary source
  • One ancient primary source text
  • One ancient artifact (sculpture, vase, artwork, monument, etc.) related to the substance and culture you're investigating

Tools to learn about mind altering substances

Use the resources below to help you select a mind altering substance that you can explore across cultures. Be sure to select a substance that you can research across two different ancient cultures.