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The University of Arizona

Ferguson Resources

A guide on Mike Brown's death and events in Ferguson, MO + beyond.


This page provides information about the upcoming Black Life Matters Conference at the University of Arizona, January 15-17, 2015.

Speakers are listed below with selected articles, chapters, and other works they have authored. If you are unable to access material or would like help searching for other research, get in touch with a librarian. Library-related links and searching will work best if U of A students, faculty, and staff are signed in via net ID. 

Additional resources can be found at The Feminist Wire and Crunk Feminist Collective.

Tamura A. Lomax

Find "In Search of Our Daughters’ Gardens: Hip Hop as Womanist Prose" by searching Summon

Imani Perry

Find "Buying White Beauty" by searching Summon for this title and "Perry"

Find "Post-Intent Racism: A New Framework for an Old Problem" by searching Summon

Aisha Sabatini Sloan

Tanisha Ford

Find "Soul Generation: Radical Fashion, Beauty, and the Transnational Black Liberation Movement, 1954-1980" using Summon

Stephanie Troutman

Sikivu Hutchinson

Find "White Picket Fences, White Innocence" by searching Summon

Michelle Tellez

Get access to "Doing research at the borderlands: Notes from a Chicana feminist ethnographer" by searching Summon

James Braxton Peterson