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The University of Arizona

Business Careers Awareness Program (BCAP) (Summer 2018)

This guide to library resources is for high school students participating in the Business Careers Awareness Program (BCAP), offered each summer by the UA's Accounting Department and accounting firm EY.

Industry Codes for Restaurants

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, which can range from 2-6 digits, are used by the government to classify businesses for statistical purposes. Once you know your business's NAICS code, you can use it to search many library databases. The Finding NAICS Codes tutorial gives you hands-on practice with NAICS codes.

722511 is the NAICS code for: 

  • Family restaurants, full service
  • Fine dining restaurants, full service
  • Restaurants, full service

722513 is used for:

  • Fast-food restaurants
  • Carryout restaurants
  • Delicatessen restaurants
  • Drive-in restaurants
  • Family restaurants, limited-service

NAICS categories don't distinguish between small and large business, or between for-profit and non-profit.

Explore the Industry

First, you should get a broad overview of the industry for your business/product by looking at industry trends and analysis. A key way to find information about industries and companies is by reading through articles in business publications (business newspapers, business magazines, business journals). The library subscribes to several databases with business articles and reports. Here are a few recommended ones:

Check Out the Competition

You'll want to find out about your major competitors. In addition to the databases above, try these resources:

Value Line Industry Analysis: For your business plan, check out reports on the Restaurant Industry and the Beverage Industry. Depending on your product, you might be able to find out information about potential competitors, such as McDonald's. To look up information about other companies, type a company name in the search box.