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Responding to COVID-19: Due to COVID-19, all University Libraries locations are closed. You can chat and email with us Monday through Thursday 7am-7pm, Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday 11am-6pm, and Sunday 1pm-6pm. We are not currently accepting any new hold/pickup or scanning requests for physical items. See details on library changes and support.

TAR 100 - Acting for the General College Student (Fall 2019)

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Rachel Castro
Main Library A402
(520) 621-7146

Find monologues

There are many monologue collections in the library. To find them:

  • Search the library by Subject using the term "monologues".
  • Search in the library by Keyword using the search: "monologues" and topic.

Should I use the word "play" in my search?

Sometimes searching keyword "play" is less helpful because you'll find lots of items with the word "play" or "plays" that don't have anything to do with theatre.

Need to find scenes with 2 people or look for specific aspects of a character?  

Try North American Theatre Online or Twentieth Century North American Drama. You can search for scenes and limit to number of characters as well as gender, race, occupation, sexual orientation, etc.