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Open Access

Scholarly Communication Librarian

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Ellen Dubinsky

Resources for Selecting a Journal Publisher

Get Involved

Here are just a few ideas of how you can help advance open access to scholarship and research:

  • Help raise awareness. Describe how open access accelerates change by disseminating research widely and immediately. Explain how open access can raise the visibility and impact of research.
  • Choose OA publication outlets for your scholarship whenever possible
  • Contribute to a disciplinary repository or an institutional repository such as the UA Campus Repository
  • Encourage your colleagues, students, and mentees to publish open access
  • Advocate for changes in the promotion, tenure, and retention process to value peer-reviewed open access articles equally with comparable articles published in subscription-based journals
  • Support open access journals by accepting their offers to serve on the editorial board or invitations to perform peer-review
  • Promote open access within your professional or scholarly society. Help persuade your society to makes its own journal open access.

How to Publish in OA Journals

Selecting and evaluating an open access publication: