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GEOG 210 - Political & Cultural Geography of Globalization

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Use the resources in the box below to search databases for news and journal articles that cover your commodity and the impact of its supply chain. Find additional research on the social, economic, environmental, and related issues surrounding your commodity on the "Issues-Based Research" page of this guide.


Option 1: Search multiple databases at once using our main search interface for UA Libraries. Use the Type of Material filter on the left side of the search results screen to narrow your results to news, magazine, or journal articles. Book chapters might also be a good fit. Starting with this search is good for finetuning your search terms before diving into specific databases.

Option 2: Find articles and other content in specific databases. Some specialize in a type of resource (like news articles), while others focus on a specific discipline (economics, agriculture, etc.). Databases like JSTOR and ProQuest are very interdisciplinary, making them good starting points to research any commodity or industry.