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Film screenings on campus

Streaming video subscribed to by UA Libraries

The rights may be different for each film title.

The use of streaming content is governed by the rights negotiated for each title rather than by copyright.

All streaming content available from the UA Libraries’ collections has been licensed to allow for:

  • individual viewing by UA students, staff, or faculty (in any physical location, as long as their viewing is private and only includes other UA affiliates)
  • for use in UA credit courses (whether face to face or online).

These licenses may or may not allow for broader uses (such as educational viewings that include the public), depending on the film.

To find answers about specific film titles:

Plan ahead: It can take about 2 weeks to find out if rights will be available.

All streaming film and video collections from UA Libraries.

More about searching our collections for film and video.

Streaming video from other services

Are you planning to use your personal streaming account? (such as Netflix or Hulu)

Those licenses usually don't allow for performances of any kind (which includes use in the classroom). However....

Some Netflix films have an educational viewing license

One-time educational uses of some Netflix documentaries are covered by the service's educational viewing license.

To find out which titles are available:

  1. Visit the Only on Netflix site. These are films that are exclusive to Netflix.
  2. Search for the film you want to show.
    (Don't try to log in, because this site only allows "press" accounts for members of the media).
  3. If you title is available for educational screening, it will display the following on the details page:
    "Grant of Permission For Educational Screenings"

  4. To show the film in your classroom, access it with your own Netflix account.

This educational viewing license doesn't apply to viewing outside the classroom.

Learn more on Netflix's Educational Screenings of Documentaries.