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ENGL 109H (Fall 2019)

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Instructors: Use the Request Reservation form to reserve the classroom. To request instructional support, or if you have questions, email

Instructor lesson plan

Activity 1: Welcome to the UA Libraries!

Complete this library orientation game to get familiar with the Main Library and the services that are available to you

  • Get in groups of 2-3 and either use someone in your group's own tablet or smartphone to play, or check out a tablet or laptop from the library at the first floor help desk. Come into the Main Library anytime it is open to complete the activity. Approximate amount of time each activity is: 15-20 minutes. Results will be shared with your instructor.
  • Download the Action Bound app.
  • Scan the QR code below or search for UA Orientation 2 in the app.
  • This activity will take you about 15-20 minutes to complete.

This is the QR Code for Library Orientation Part 2

Activity 2: Selecting whole class articles for your theme

You will be working with your classmates and instructor to search for and select articles related to your theme that the whole class will read. To begin, complete these two tutorials and watch the short video.

  • Academic Search Ultimate You will want to get familiar with at least one database to start searching. Students struggle with these interfaces at times, but once you get the hang of it, many databases have similar features and you’ll be able to move more seamlessly between them.
  • Scholarly vs. Popular

Once you have completed the tutorials and watched the video, you will be working with your class to search for articles. Complete the worksheet below with your group.

Activity 3: Select and focus your topic

During the second and third weeks of your controversy analysis, watch the video below and complete the Joining the Research Conversation exercise. By completing these activities, you will have your individual topic selected and have located a few resources to use by the end of the third week of the assignment.

To get started on the exercise:

  • Review the articles that you selected and read for your class.
  • Open the resources tab on the course guide so that you will have all the tools you need.

Activity 4: Look for additional resources

Locate additional resources and to continue drafting your paper.

Activity 5: Think about how citations fit Into the research conversation

Look over this refresher on using citations. You will be using MLA or APA style in this course.

Read this article: Hundreds Fail to Spot Plagiarism.

Directions for your own citations in this course:

  • Ask your instructor which citation style you will be using.
  • You can also consult the OWL at Purdue for guidance on formatting.
  • Along with following a format for this course, you should understand that there are different citation styles to follow in different disciplines. You will need to learn a style and use it in your projects as you progress through your education. Keep these ideas in mind when using citations:
    • Think about how citations allow you to make bigger connections between what you have learned through research and your own ideas as you write.
    • Complete the Accidental plagiarism tutorial to learn when, why, and how to cite your sources in your papers.