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Research Resources - Sunnyside 2019

Online Sources

Finding Primary Sources

There are a variety of online resources available where you can find primary sources, including free and subscription databases.  Some of these are outlined below.  You can always explore more options at your public library, or come to the University of Arizona Library during regular business hours to access online resources, or consult with library staff to find what you are looking for.  We are happy to help!

Select online resources for journal articles are:

Select online resources for data are:

There are other library resource guides online, or "LibGuides", created by librarians all over the US and abroad, which can offer resources, guidelines, tips and tricks to further your research.  One such LibGuide, "Open Access Resources: Free Databases"  produced by librarians at the Texas A&M University, offers several suggestions for free online sources for a variety of subject areas.  Explore!

Evaluating Information Sources

Evaluating Sources

You can use the following tutorials and links to learn how to evaluate information across the internet:

Avoiding Plagiarism and Citing your Sources


Here are a couple links to resources that can help you understand plagiarism, and learn tips and tricks to be a responsible researcher when citing the work and idea of others.

Citing Your Sources

When you have found the sources that you want for your research, there are best practices in using them for writing. Explore the following links for further information and to learn about citing sources in MLA Style format.  If you are ever in doubt, you can always ask your teachers, professors, or a librarian! 

Citation tools that can help you automatically format or collect and manage your source materials include: