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The University of Arizona

Graphic Medicine

A guide to Graphic Medicine for the College of Medicine Phoenix

Annals of Graphic Medicine: This regular feature is part of the Annals of Medicine journal which uses the graphic format to address medically relevant topics such as medical education, patient care, health conditions, the patient experience and more from a variety of contributors. Much of the content is thought provoking and brings awareness of issues faced by both patient and healthcare provider.

Creative Activity

The Doctor Visit

Students imagine and complete a conversation between a doctor and patient by filling in the text bubbles in the handout. [Excerpted and modified from Wrinkles with permission]. Using their filled text bubbles, students examine different dialogues and discuss what was unexpected about some interpretations and assumptions; how they came up with different stories from the same set of basic information; and what implications the differences may have for health care.

Four-Panel Template

Draw what it is like to treat a patient who is having a heart attack.

The Clinicians Perspective

 Students create their own story by following the activity outlined in The Clinician’s Perspective adapted from Ivan Brunetti


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