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BME/SIE 477/577 Information Search & Retrieval and Biomedical Ontologies

BME/SIE 477/577 library class slides

Engineering Librarian

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Paula C Johnson
Main Library A403

The Information Search/Retrieval Process (superficial)

information-seeking process

MeSH search and retrieval process

  • PubMed mapping determines terms and appropriate Boolean operators, e.g.,
    • “congestive heart failure ace inhibitors” becomes:

("heart failure"[MeSH Terms] OR ("heart"[All Fields] AND "failure"[All Fields]) OR "heart failure"[All Fields] OR ("congestive"[All Fields] AND "heart"[All Fields] AND "failure"[All Fields]) OR "congestive heart failure"[All Fields]) AND ("angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors"[MeSH Terms] OR ("angiotensin-converting"[All Fields] AND "enzyme"[All Fields] AND "inhibitors"[All Fields]) OR "angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors"[All Fields] OR ("ace"[All Fields] AND "inhibitors"[All Fields]) OR "ace inhibitors"[All Fields] OR "angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors"[Pharmacological Action])