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Publishing Poetry: Research

A guide for poets.

Where to Find Poetry Markets

How do you find journals and presses where your work might be a fit? Research. Read at least a few sample pieces from any journal you're considering submitting work to (you can do this by purchasing an issue or two, or by reading samples online). Find journals and presses that publish poetry here:

Submission Strategies

Also known as: where do you send your work first? Much depends on your overall goals, your budget and time constraints, and your individual tolerance for rejection. There's no right or wrong way to go about this: you'll need to find a balance that works for you. Here are some perspectives on submission strategies from people experienced in the market:

Money Matters

Depending on the market, some submissions may cost money. This is not an automatic red flag--submission fees help some journals and contests run their operations sustainably. Typical rates as of 2018:

  • $2-3 reading fee (for non-contest submissions)
  • $15-30 for contest submissions (poetry contests often involve cash prizes for the winners; these tend to be funded through submission fees)
  • Quite a few journals allow free "regular" (non-contest) submissions; however, very few contests are free to enter.