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CE 596 - Graduate Seminar

Information on useful engineering databases and resources helpful to the civil engineering job seeker.

the Libraries' website

The Libraries' homepage has the jumping off point for many of the things you want to accomplish. You may search for items using the global Summon search box - or choose to directly search in the library catalog, or for databases or individual journals.Much of what you connect with is available in digital format, so is accessible from off campus.

You'll need to sign in with your UA NetID and password when you want database access.  It's a good idea to use UITS's Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is free for UA students and instructors to download. The VPN client provides a secure connection between your home computer, laptop, or mobile device and the UA network. To use the VPN client, you'll need to sign up for UA NetID+ Two-Factor Authentication, which provides another layer of security.

Can't connect? See Connecting to Library Databases for common problems and their solutions.