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Premieres in the Library of Congress Collections [DRAFT]

Letter from D.R. Hutchinson to Leonard Bernstein, May 19, 1965

D.R. Hutchinson to Leonard Bernstein. Manuscript/Mixed Material. From the Leonard Bernstein Collection. This image is included on the basis of fair use.


This course is an opportunity for early-stage undergraduates to ​​explore music history through the lens of world premieres. We look at how several well-known premieres in classical music history shaped, and were shaped by, the worlds around them, and what these works meant in their contexts and ever since.

Learning Objectives

  • To locate and identify primary sources in Library of Congress digital collections that relate to world premieres
  • To describe these sources and use details to generate questions about music history

About this Lesson Plan


Music History/Musicology

Time Needed

1 class period (50 minutes)

Original Course

MUS 130B (Introduction to Music Literature)

Lesson Plan Created By

Dr. Matt Mugmon, Fred Fox School of Music, University of Arizona