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The Bisbee Deportation [DRAFT FOR REVIEW]

Before class preparation/set up

Set up tables and chairs for groups of 2-4 students. Arrange groups of materials around the room chronologically. This is best accomplished in U shape.

Materials include publications and selections from University of Arizona Libraries Special Collections archival collections, secondary sources and Library of Congress Digital Collections.

Tools & Materials Needed

Group 1

  1. AZ 114, Box 1, folder 1, exhibit 2. Item: Warning: The Deadly Parallel (I.W.W. poster on World War I) 
  2. AZ 114, Box 1, folder 1, exhibit 53. Item: Statement of General Executive Board of the I.W.W. on War

Group 2

  1. AZ 114, box 1, folder 1A, exhibit 18. Item: Preamble and Constitution of the Industrial Workers of the World (Chicago: I.W.W. Publishing Bureau, [1916?], 32 pages.)
  2. AZ 114, box 1, folder 1A, exhibit 27. Item: I.W.W. Songs To Fan the Flames of Discontent (Joe Hill Memorial Edition. Chicago: I.W.W. Publishing Bureau, 1917, 59 pages.)

Group 3

  1. IWW demonstrations in NYC
  2. IWW drawing
  3. AZ 114, Box 1 Folder 1 and 3. Item: IWW stickers 

Group 4

  1. Photo of Bisbee, Arizona, 1916.
  2. Panorama of Bisbee, Ariz.
  3. Jerome United Verdee [sic] Mine.
  4. Photos of Bisbee. AzSwB Photo collection, Drawer 3, Folder 39, Items 2, 12, 32, 37.
  5. Photos of Mines and Miners in Bisbee. AzSwB Photo collection, Drawer 3, Folder 50, Items 14, 23, 25, 39.
  6. Arizona-New Mexico Map, 1919.,0.204,0.305,0.158,0

Group 5

  1. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 1, exhibit 35. Item: Telegram to William D. Haywood from F. H. Little
  2. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 1, exhibit 33. Item: Telegram to William D. Haywood from Grover H. Perry
  3. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 90. Item: Credentials certifying that Grover Perry
  4. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 77. Item: Letter to Chas MacKinnen concerning the success of the strike in Jerome

Group 6

  1. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 71. Item: Letter from E. J. MacCasham to Grover Perry concerning an upcoming convention
  2. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 116. Item: Minutes of an IWW meeting at Bisbee (June 23)
  3. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 83. Item: Letter from A. Embree to Grover Perry concerning the strike that had just been called in Bisbee (June 26)

Group 7

  1. Bisbee Daily Review: June 27 page 1 (2 articles: sheriff demands and IWW makes demands)
  2. Bisbee Daily Review June 28, 1917 page 1 (Citizen’s Protective League)

Group 8

  1. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 85. Item: Letter to Grover Perry concerning the success of multiple strikes
  2. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 76. Item: Letter to the Executive Committee concerning the demand of a six-hour work day

Group 9

  1. Marching from Lowell [Ariz.] Deportation of I.W.W.’s July 12, 1917.
  2. Bisbee deportation photos. AzSwB Photo Collection: Drawer 3, folders 51-52

Group 10

  1. Bisbee Daily Review July 13, 1917.
  2. Bisbee Daily Review July 13, 1917.

Group 11

  1. AZ 114 box 1, folder 1, exhibit 33. Item: Telegram
  2. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 63. Item: Letter was sent from I.W.W. members in camp to William Hayword
  3. AZ 114 Box 1, folder 1 Exhibit 74. Item: Letter to Grover Perry from J. MacDonald July 23, 2917 
  4. AZ 115. Item: “The Truth about Bisbee”
  5. Hanson, Rob. The Great Bisbee IWW Deportation of July 12, 1917. Bisbee, AZ: Signature, 1980. HD6515.M6 H36 1989
  6. Watson, Fred. "Still on Strike: Recollections of a Bisbee Deportee." Journal of Arizona History 18.2 (1977): 171-184. F806.A762 
  7. Medigovich, George. "Excerpts from a letter." 1979. Special Collections WL9791 Pam.11

Group 12

  1. United States. Department of Labor. Report on the Bisbee Deportations. Washington: Govt. Print. Off., 1918. Special Collections H9791 B621 U58r 
  2. Deportations from Bisbee: And a Resume of Other Troubles in Arizona. S.l.: S.n., 1917 Deportations from Bisbee: and a resume of other troubles in Arizona. Arizona Chapter of the American Mining Congress [1917?] Special Collections H9791 B621 A51
  3. Wootton, H. E. The Law of Necessity as Applied in State of Arizona vs. H.E. Wooton : Bisbee I.W.W. Deportation Case. Tucson]: Bureau of Information, 1918. Special Collections H9791 B621 L41 


Part 1: Introduction to Special Collections and Library of Congress digital collections (15 minutes)

Introduce students to Special Collections and archives. Provide an overview of what Special Collections holds and how to search for materials online through finding aids, the library catalog, and digital collections. Also explain policies and procedures for using materials in the Reading Room, as well as guidelines for handling materials appropriately during the exercise. Introduce the digital collections available at Library of Congress.

Part 2: Exercise overview (5 minutes)

Explain to the students that the documents in the room collectively tell the story of the Bisbee Deportation. Students will look at and derive meaning from their documents individually. Then they will discuss what they found in small groups, and each group will describe their documents to the class. At the end, a volunteer will tell their version of Bisbee Deportation based on the accounts of their classmates’ documents. 

Part 3: Individual and small group activity (15 minutes)

Instruct students to analyze their documents independently and to be prepared to present their findings to each other in their groups. Once groups begin their discussion, walk around the room and prompt them with questions such as:

  • What is it?
  • What information does it provide? What are they telling you?
  • What questions do you still have?

Part 4: Full class discussion (15 minutes)

Lead a discussion with the full class by asking each group to articulate what they learned from their documents. Then ask for volunteers to tell the full story.

Part 5: Wrap-up (10 minutes)

Use a wrap-up discussion for students to demonstrate their critical thinking skills. Ask them about other observations or conclusions drawn about the context of their documents. Possible guiding questions include:

  • Look at your documents again. Is there more that your documents are telling you?
  • What more can you add to the story?
  • How do the documents work together to make a story?
  • What else do you want to know?