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ANTH 358

Digitzed primary sources

Primary sources are made by participants or direct observers of an issue, event or time period. Some examples of primary sources include: newspapers, speeches, government documents, legal documents, public opinion polls, images, and personal materials, including letters, diaries, interviews, memoirs, autobiographies, tweets, and oral histories.

Here are a few collections of digitized primary sources related to the civil rights movement and African American history.

You can also try searching for specific key figures or events in other digital collections, like the ones listed on our general guide to finding primary sources.

In class activity

Let's do an exploratory activity. Browse a few of the primary source collections listed above, choose a document, image, article, etc, and answer the questions on our collaborative Google doc.

Google Scholar!

Google Scholar is a great starting point for finding scholarly research in any discipline. However, to make sure you have full-text access to the articles in Google Scholar, you must configure your settings. Here's how:

  • Sign into Google Scholar with your UA NetID.
  • Open the three-lined menu in the far upper left and select Settings.
  • From the Settings menu, select Library links.
  • Type University of Arizona in the box and select University of Arizona - Full-Text @ UofA Libraries and UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA - ProQuest Fulltext. Then click Save.

This way, you won't hit any article paywalls!