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Anthropology & Archaeology

Search for articles

Search in the following databases to find scholarly anthropological literature: 

  • Anthropology Plus
    • Find journal articles and reports from 19th century to the present in anthropology/archaeology and related interdisciplinary fields.
  • Anthrosource
    • Citations for articles in journals of the American Anthropological Association.

Google Scholar and JSTOR, although they are multidisciplinary databases, are other good places to find scholarly articles in anthropology.


  • Don't forget to put and in between your search terms, and use quotation marks when you want to search for two words together. 
  • If the article seems too narrow, or too technical, read the abstract, introduction, or conclusion to get a good contextual overview of the topic.
  • Another place to search is directly in the scholarly journal themselves. Try looking in the Annual Review of Anthropology, or Journal of Archaeological Science, for example.