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Integration of AI tools into your research

What is SciSpace


SciScape helps researchers by taking the hard work out of the formatting, editing, and submissions part of the publishing process. This mission led SciScape to partner with Turnitin to enable integrated text similarity checking within the SciScape platform. SciScape users now have access to Turnitin’s text similarity detection solution — a fast and streamlined solution that ensures research papers are authentic and free from potential academic misconduct.

SciSpace was developed by the company Typeset(which rebranded to SciSpace).

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Searching Features:

  • Highlight text, math, and tables: Next time you come across something confusing, simply select the section of the paper to get summaries and explanations
  • Use preset questions: Find quick summaries, future works, and related papers to the scientific article and get faster at your conducting literature review.
  • Ask follow-up questions: Still confused? Ask a follow-up question to dive deeper into a topic and remove all doubts while you're reading.
  • Save notes: Save parts of the PDF or an interesting Copilot response as a note and keep all important information at your fingertips.
  • Perform literature Review of your research topic and specify information to find through column search.
  • Create Citations from Webpages, journal articles, books, reports, thesis, and patents.
  • Scholarly Paraphrasing Tool
  • AI Detector: Input material to check to see it was generated from different AI models or made by a human.