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Resources for Blocks: College of Medicine, Tucson

Required and Recommended Textbooks for each Block

Dear Medical Students,

  • This LibGuide lists all the recommended and required textbooks for each of your pre-clerkship blocks. You will notice that many textbooks span multiple blocks.
  • You are not required to purchase the textbooks listed under "Required Textbooks." Required readings are assigned from these books, and you may be able to access them online and download pdfs of required chapters.
    • To download chapters of books that are in ClinicalKey, you must create a separate account within ClinicalKey (upper right hand corner), and log in to that account before being able to download or save content.
  • Recommended textbooks contain suggested/recommended/supplemental readings.
  • Details for how to access each book are listed just below the book cover illustration.
    • When an electronic version of the textbook is available, a link to that textbook is embedded in the title. 
    • Most textbooks are also available in print at the Health Sciences Library (UAHSL) Information Desk and often, older editions are available to check out.
  • Please contact your College of Medicine Liaisons if you encounter any difficulties.

Happy studying!