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The University of Arizona

Evidence-based Decision Making (EBDM) and Journal Club Guide: Guidance on How to Run a Journal Club

This guide is intended as a general resource for all things related to EBDM--with a specific focus on students, trainees, and faculty who are participating in journal clubs.

JAMAevidence Users' Guides

These books are currently available in the library only, not online.

How to do Critical Appraisal


  • Bandolier Learning Zone
    Though still under development, this site already has useful information about understanidng trials and meta-analyses, calculations and statistics, guidelines, and overviews of evidence-based medicine. 
  • Critical Appraisal
    Worsksheets, Explanations, Calculators and CAT makers from the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine 
  • EBM Worksheets From Dartmouth
    Worksheets on Asking the Clinical Question, Appraising the Evidence for Therapy, Systematic Reviews, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Harm/Etiolgy, Qualitative Research, Practice Guidelines, Applying Evidence to the Patient, and Putting it All Together 
  • Evidence Based Medicine Toolkit from the University of Alberta
    "This is a collection of tools for identifying, assessing and applying relevant evidence for better health care decision-making. The appraisal tools are adapted from the Users' Guides series prepared by the Evidence Based Medicine Working Group and originally published in JAMA" 
  • Tips on Critical Appraisal of Evidence 
    from the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, Toronto

Articles and Books


Guides and Templates for Leaders of Journal Clubs

Articles about Running Successful Journal Clubs

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