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The University of Arizona

Evidence-based Decision Making (EBDM) and Journal Club Guide: Evidence-based Decision Making (EBDM) Resources

This guide is intended as a general resource for all things related to EBDM--with a specific focus on students, trainees, and faculty who are participating in journal clubs.

EBDM e-Books

EBDM Databases

EBDM Pyramids: Example 2

Levels of evidence Pyramid

Levels of evidence pyramid ("Information Mastery:
Navigating the Maze." University of Virginia,
Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, 2009.) from Georgia State University

EBDM Pyramids: Example 3

evidence pyramid 2

SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Medical Research Library
of Brooklyn.Evidence Based Medicine Course.A Guide to
Research Methods: The Evidence Pyramid as shown on

EBDM Pyramids: Example 4

pyramid 3

Pyramid modified from: Navigating the Maze, University of Virginia

Health Sciences Library. From The University of Washington