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The University of Arizona

GIS & Geospatial Data

We designed this guide to help you use geographic information and geospatial data in your research.

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International GIS Day, 2018 at the University of Arizona

The UA Libraries will be hosting a morning workshop and afternoon talks showing all of the ways GIS is and can be used in research and teaching at the University of Arizona. Stop by the room 112 in the Instructional Learning Center on Nov 14th to learn more about GIS and reach users on campus who have already embraced the power of spatial analysis!


When: 9am - 4:30pm : November 14, 2018

Where: ILC 112,



9:00 - 11:30

Open-Geospatial Analysis with Python

Learn how to manipulate vector and raster data and perform basic analysis using powerful open-source python modules geopandas & rasterio

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11:30 - 12:30


12:30 - 1:50

  • Review of Geospatial Support at the University of Arizona Libraries
    - Ben Hickson
    Geospatial Specialist, UAL
  • Woody Cover Species Mapping on Santa Rita Experimental Range Using Hyperspectral, LiDAR, and High Resolution SUAV Imagery  
    - Charles Conley
    Graduate Student, GIST
  • Mapping Earth Fissures in Arizona Using UAV-Based Multi-Angle Photography 
    - Bailey Mariel Bellavance
    Graduate Student, GIST  
  • Measuring Spatial Accessibility to Library Resources in Urban Networks, and Multiobjective Optimization of Resource Distributions  
    - Fernando Sanchez-Trigueros
    Assistant Professor, SGD
  • Developing Risk Indices and Locating Communities Vulnerable to Unique Hazards using GIS
    - Taylor Handschuh
    Graduate Student, GIST
  • Land Surface Observations with small UAVs
    - Wim Van Leeuwen
    Professor, SNRE/SGD
    Director, Arizona Remote Sensing Center
  • Classifying Vegetation in the Lower Gila via the Fusion of LiDAR, Multispectral and UAV Image Data to Inform Riparian Habitat Restoration  
    - Kyle Hartfield
    Assistant Research Scientist, SNRE

2:00 - 2:05


Food, drinks, discussion


2:10 - 3:20

  • Software Carpentry Review - Piloting a Geospatial Analysis with R workshop
    - Erica Newman
    Post Doc, EEB
  • TBD
    - Jeff Switzer
    Senior Application Systems Analyst, SNRE
  • Open Software and Data for Remote Sensing in Agriculture
    - David LeBauer
    Director of Data Sciences for the Arizona Experiment Station
  • American Indian Economic Development and Western Settlement in the U.S.: Utilizing GIS Techniques for Research in Economic History
    - Laura Davidoff
    Graduate Student, Economics
  • GIS in Landscape Architecture and Planning
    - Philip Stoker
    Assistant Professor, CAPLA
  • Browsing and Distributing Geologic Map Data in Multiple GIS Formats through and R Shiny web application
    - Andrew Zaffos
    Senior Research Scientist, AZGS
  • Mapping Armed Actor Presence in Colombia, SGPP  
    - Javier Osorio
    Assistant Professor, SGPP 
  • New UA Enterprise GIS Project Highlights  
    - Grant McCormick
    GIS Manager, PDC 
  • Creating a High Resolution Land Cover Product for the State of Arizona
    - Ben Hickson
    Geospatial Specialist, UAL

3:20 - 3:30