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The University of Arizona

GIS & Geospatial Data

We designed this guide to help you use geographic information and geospatial data in your research.

What is GIS?

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    Welcome to the University of Arizona GIS guide!

    This guide provides a centralized link to data and resources available to University of Arizona faculty, staff, and students, as well as for the public. If you have any questions or special request for data, help with your GIS, or maps please use the contact links for library personnel on the left side of the page.

    What is GIS?




    GIS Open Hours and Workshops for Spring 2018

    The UA Libraries will again be holding open hours in the iSpace on Wednesdays from 9am to 11am all semester. Need help finding geospatial data? Have questions about software or techniques? Stop on by to get help with GIS work or even just learn about new concepts and tools to help you in research, teaching, or learning. On some Wednesdays we’ll also have demonstration or workshop on a tool or concept. There will be coffee.

    iSpace - Science and Engineering Library, Room 212:

    • Jan-17   Open Hours
    • Jan-24   Basics of Cartography (Demo), Open Hours
    • Jan-31   No Open Hours
    • Feb-7    Create maps and apps with ArcGIS Online (Demo), Open Hours
    • Feb-14  Open Hours
    • Feb-21  Workshop - Introduction to QGIS
      RSVP here:
    • Feb-28  Open Hours
    • Mar-7    None
    • Mar-14  Introduction to Remote Sensing (Demo), Open Hours
    • Mar-21  Open Hours
    • Mar-28  Workshop - Geospatial Analysis with R - Data Carpentry
      RSVP here:
    • Apr-4    Open Hours
    • Apr-11  Workshop - Raster Data Processing with GRASS
      RSVP here:
    • Apr-18  Open Hours
    • Apr-25  How to Use ArcGIS in Jupyter Notebooks (Demo), Open Hours
    • May-2   Open Hours

    US of Canada

    Redditor user upvoteanthology_ posted this map portraying new American states as composed of the population equivalents of Canadian states. An interesting map with some fun facts sprinkled about.

    Original post here

    The United States of Canada

    New algorthm used in LandCover Classification reports 95% Accuracy

    Hankui Zhang at South Dakota State University has developed and made available a new Land-Use/Land-Cover Classification approach combining Landsat and MODIS data that reports classification accuracy up to 95%. By combining 3 years of datasets and two random forest classifiers, Zhangs approach groups landcovers type into 16 distinctive classes.  More info and instructions on accessing the algrothim at GISLounge here:

    List of 150+ Publicly accessible State GIS Servers

    In line with his efforts to document federal gis servers (here), Joseph Elfelt with is also building a list of publicly accessible state GIS servers that are not easily found or accessed. Available in a pdf here:

    Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin Launched for QGIS (3.0)

    Luca Congedo has launched version 6 Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) for QGIS 3.0 as part of his PhD research.

    List of 50+ Publicly accessible Federal GIS Servers

    Joseph Elfelt with gathered a list of more than 50 publicly accessible GIS servers not easily accessible and published them in a pdf report. Note that these are not services that can be easily found on