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Tucson Murals


This primary sources set includes a series of photographs documenting various murals in Tucson. The photographs all part of a larger collection on Tucson murals in the Library of Congress digital collections.

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photo of mural "Goddess of Agave"

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Artist Rock "Cyfi" Martinez created this "Serape Sunrise" mural on the side of a car wash in Tucson, Arizona. It combines a most unusual variety of elements including (if you look closely) an unidentified flying object (LOC)

A portion of artist Melchor Ramirez's mural of what looks like Aztec deities in Tucson, Arizona (LOC)

Artist Ignacio Garcia's whimsical mural depicting basketball legend Bill Walton attempting to ride a jackalope, an allegedly mythical cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope, in Tucson, Arizona (LOC)

The "Goddess of Agave" mural, painted by Rock "Cyfi" Martinez in 2017 as part of the Tucson, Arizona, Mural Arts Program (LOC)

A colorful mural by To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf, Tucson Arts Brigade in downtown Tucson, Arizona (LOC)

"Epic Rides" is one of several vivid murals created by artist Joe Pagac in Tucson, Arizona, a city of great color, replete with such murals. Only a wild imagination would think of putting a man, a woman, a tortoise, a javelina, and a jackalope, a (said to be) mythical combination of a jackrabbit and an antelope, together in a bike ride. A javelina is a Southwest version of a peccary, and if that doesn't help, think "pig-like animal only uglier" (LOC)

Portion of a long, vivid, phantasmagoric mural created by artist Joe Pagac in Tucson, Arionza, a city of great color, replete with such murals (LOC)

Dinosaur skeleton mural that covers the entire side of an old building in Tucson, Arizona (LOC)

"Vergiss," a mural in Tucson, Arizona, by the "on-conformist urban/stencil artist" Fin DAC. Tucson is replete with such vivid murals (LOC)

Mural in an Arizona city one can identify by looking at this creation (LOC)

The "Tucson Greeting Card" mural in Tucson, Arizona (LOC)

Part of mural depicting an Indian warrior in downtown Tucson, Arizona (LOC)