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SERP 504 - Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Exceptional Learners

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The guides and exercises on this page will help you successfully complete your paper for this course.

Meet your librarian

Step One - Learn how to access resources and borrow materials

Step Two: Learn how to locate resources for your paper

Take a look at the database list: and identify several subject areas that you can use to assess resources for your paper. List them on the page below.

Step Three: Begin Your Research

Use the guide below to help you manage and navigate the research porcess.

As you begin  identifying potentially useful articles, use this tutorial to learn how to locate articles when you have a citation 

Step Four: Practice paraphrasing and integrate quotations into your writing

Learn how to paraphrase and integrate quotations and the research of others into your own writing.

Paraphrasing / Integrating

To start, read the information on paraphrasing contained in the links below.

Next, print the activity sheet and use it to practice identifying correct paraphrases. 

APA in-text citations

Manage your citations

Citation Management Tools

These guides will show you how to format your works cited page in APA.

APA Citation Guides

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